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Mar 9 at 3:51 PM
I saw the documentation on Magick.NET.web. It looks to be for using with web sites, but I'm not sure how it helps. Do you have any samples or examples to illustrate how it would be used?
Mar 11 at 8:44 AM
Edited Mar 12 at 2:08 AM
You can use that library to help you create an url like this: /images/yourfile.800x600.jpg. With the help of the an IUrlResolver you can resize images on demand. It might be good to have an example website that uses this. I will be able to create a website that uses this feature in a project on github in a couple of weeks.
Mar 22 at 9:21 PM
Does this mean that I can save a RAW picture I take with my Canon camera, then when someone wants to look at my pictures, I can generate a lighter weight .jpg on demand?

Camera > Folder on server with RAW image format> someone searches by day and time> IUrlResolver > webpage displayed with .jpeg thumbnails generated at runtime and include watermark > user clicks on thumbnail > webpage opens with larger .jpg and watermark for them to view ?

I do believe I want to use Magick.NET even without .web feature.
Looks great and has a great mind behind it!

John A Davis
Mar 23 at 4:14 AM
Yes you can use the library to resize a RAW file on demand. But you will need the dcraw executable to read RAW files.I'll add a watermark example in the demo also. And yes you could do this with the library but it should be easier with it.