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Pixelcollection changed - no X,Y, width, height available

Jan 25 at 10:37 PM

since WriteablePixelcollection / PixelCollection is replaced by the new PicelCollection implementation, i can not use a defined area like before.

Example before:
PixelCollection imageCollectionWp = image.GetReadOnlyPixels(10, 100, 20, 20);

PixelCollection imageCollectionWp = image.GetPixels();

So i have to crop the image before, instead of using just a defined area in the PixelCollection. Is it possible to offer this option again?
Jan 26 at 9:35 AM
The PixelCollection class has a GetArea and SetArea method. Does that suit your needs?
Jan 27 at 11:25 PM
Sure, thanks.
Jan 30 at 1:05 PM
Due to your message I have also created this issue: Will try to add this before the next release. Not sure if you need this but just wanted to tell you that this will be coming.